Solar System Solutions Karachi Pakistan

Solar UF and RO Agriculture Solar System treat river and well water to produce water for drinking, agriculture and other uses. Hundreds of these systems are currently in operation treating water with TDS of up to 10,000 PPM and product flow of up to 50 gallons/minute. Designed to produce the maximum of treated water with the lowest possible energy these systems are compact and made for outdoor use.


1-15 KW

Solar systems are available for domestic RO Plant use. Please let us know what is your electricity requirement and we’ll customize a cost effective and reliable system matching exactly with your demand. We not only provide you complete Solar Solutions but are committed to provide you after-sales service as well.


15-100 KW

11-100 KVA Solar System are designed to cater the energy requirement of most commercial RO Plant units such as Hotels, Hospitals, Plazas and warehouses. Our team will help you in selection of right system for your needs.

RO Plant in Pakistan
Industrial Reverse Osmosis RO Plant


Above 100 KW

The systems above 100 KVA require special design consideration and shall match with the specific industry appliances and load. We perform a feasibility study and report prior to start the design.


It is an installation or area of land in which a large number of Solar System are set up in order to generate electricity. The terms “photovoltaic power station” and “solar park” are also used to refer to Solar Farms.

Agriculture Solar system

Applications for Solar RO and UF Systems

Agriculture, Brackish water, Disaster Relief, Drinking Water, Groundwater Remediation, Irrigation, Low Energy, Marine, Military, Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafilteration