Commercial Reverse Osmosis in Karachi Pakistan

For seawater, brackish water, well water & river water

As the Growing Population has increased the demand Pure Drinking Water, the shortage of clean drinking water has increased day by day especially in Pakistan, it is being observed that businessmen & other private institutions And setting up commercial RO Plant for Business in small towns Which making good profits and providing clean drinking water to the people at very affordable prices across the country.RO Solution has introduced various Commercial RO plants with different production capacities to be operated at source water with various TDS levels. RO Solution ensures Quality Standard of Pure Drinking water production, Nominal Cost and lowest monthly maintenance.


The cost of commercial RO Plant in Pakistan depends on various factors including the size of the plant, the amount of water it’ll generate in a day, Plant quality and Out source of water TDS Level. RO Solution is a commercial RO supplier in all over Pakistan we promises to provide the best quality plants at affordable rates.

ROSolution Water Shop Business Plan

One Time Investment For Life Time Just Rs.300,000 Only

Following are Commercial Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants, designed at RO Solution Water Treatment Company in Pakistan.
ROSolution 1500 GPD RO Water Filter Plant

1500 GPD RO Plant

3000 Liter Per Day RO Plant in karachi-ROSolution

3000 GPD RO Plant

ROSolution Company 1000LPH RO Plant in karachi

5000 GPD RO Plant

2000LPH Water Filter RO Plant-ROSolution

10000 GPD RO Plant

2000LPD Reverse Osmosis Plant ROSolution

15000 GPD RO Plant

20,000GPD Industrial Reverse Osmosis ROSolution

20000 GPD RO Plant


Housing development, Agriculture, greenhouse, irrigation,
Construction sites, labor camps, Water bottling factory,
Beverage industry, Hospitals, pharmaceutical, Dairy, poultry,
livestock, Hotel, resort, golf clubs, Offshore rigs, island.